Bar Tenders

“The greatest achievement of a bra tender lies in the ability to exactly suit his customer”
99 Kitchen provides skilled and professional bar tenders on hire to make your evening mesmerizing with a magical approach of service. A good bartended can turn your evening worth remembering with the extraordinary skills that he carries in the service.

99 KITCHEN provides bartenders with special who are not only professional but also poses a charming approach while dealing with clients. All our bartenders follow the below mentioned basic rules:

  • They know their craft very well. They are well educated about the pharmacy of every cocktails and mocktails. We employ expert mixologist only.
  • They maintain cleanliness around their unicorn to and keep the vibes positive.
  • They possess a very charming and welcoming aura that is convivial for the clients
  • They are trained to work under pressure while remembering common and uncommon name and orders. At the same time they tend to deliver the drinks on time.
  • They also possess special skills of jugglery and playing with the ambience to make the air light and happy.

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